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What is 80/20

80/20 living falls between deprivation dieting and blindly eating anything you want. It is about mindful eating - choosing foods that will fuel you body and make you feel your very best! It is also knowing that God gave us taste buds for a reason. It's occasionally, and without guilt, treating yourself as part of living fully! Sometimes that means birthday cake, or movie popcorn (WITH butter), pizza, or drinks with the girls. Food is fuel and with the right knowledge and information, it can make you feel like a million bucks!

Every body is different and there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" nutrition plan.

That said, we all know - eat less junk and more whole foods!

Our 80/20 lifestyle is all about balance and mindful eating. We don't count anything and don't weigh our food. We do educate ourselves on which foods will fuel our bodies and what generalized portion sizes should look like.

Our guiding principle when it comes to meals is

a protein, a veggie, and a complex carb.

This combo allows us to easily piece together meals without having to stress over every meal.


SO what do we eat?

Our Favorite foods list

Avocado Toast

Restaurant choices we like

Our Favorite healthy swaps

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