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We (Amber and Sasha) had done multiple workout and diet programs together over the years without any lasting results. Amber, at that time, had 2 children and a full time job with her local school district, and Sasha was working multiple jobs and traveling more than she was home. We had a conversation about what we wanted to find in a fitness program and when we realized we couldn’t find it we said “Let’s create it”!



Being a certified fitness and nutrition coach through AFFA with a background in coaching cheerleading, yoga, and HIIT fitness classes off and on for the last 10+ years SheTough instantly felt like the perfect fit! I always knew I wanted to work in a field that would allow me to help women grow their self-confidence and be their best. 

I wanted to lead a program that fit into the busy lives of real women in all walks of life! From working women to stay at home mom’s, it's very easy to let our own health and fitness go to the back burner. I wanted to help change that! Quick workouts that are fun and effective plus a members only FB group where the girls could get to know each other and be part of a community of accountability and encouragement. 


- My favorite things are cats with human names, live music in small venues, 70's fashion, 90's tv, and the beach (any beach really)

- life after 30 has been the best years so far, I’m more confident and self assured than ever

- married to my cowboy for 12 years - still goin' strong
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I have tried multiple fitness routines and programs which never stuck or fit in my lifestyle. They were fast, quick, and I would jump from one to another. Not really loving any of them and not having the lasting results I wanted.


Prior to children, I would go to the gym at 5 am before work, but once I had my kiddos I could no longer do this. I struggled working out at home, I couldn't find the time, I didn't have any support from other women who were like me and not really knowing what I was supposed to do. I felt like I lost my way.


After having children I thought I could never be in shape again, I believed I would never feel good about my body again. That all changed when Sasha and I created SheTough. Now I'm at my best!

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-Mama to two active, sports lovin' little girls and one adventurous, rowdy little boy 


-Married to my cowboy sweetheart for 12 years (so far)


-Live on a farm with horses, cows, dogs, and cats - basically any critter you can imagine


-Work as a school based social worker


-I Love to lead people and help people see themselves the way I see them. I love to see people win and meet their personal goals. I absolutely love to laugh and make tons of memories.

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